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The automotive repair industry is one of the hardest industries to gain customer trust and loyalty. Why? Because almost everyone can think back to a time where they had a bad experience with an auto-repair service/dealer etc.

That said, we opened our doors in 2005 with the simple idea of doing honest and fair business with every individual that comes through the door. We may be a little bigger but even now, 11 years later, we continue to open our doors every morning with that in mind and still greet every customer with a smile.

We do the little things. It's not about quantity to us, it's the quality of service and repair that counts. Every vehicle that comes in gets a once over safety check, and every vehicle that comes in for a service leaves with a hand cleaned windshield, we treat every car as if were our own!

We tell you what can wait. Unlike other places we understand our customers are not piggy banks, so we don't try to break you! We go over in detail what we found, what needs attention immediately, and what can wait until another time. For us safety always comes first!

Different by design. If you are tired of the typical experience you find at a dealer or corporate chain, give us a call or stop by!

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